About Us
On June 7, 1984, these same dedicated car and truck owners met to form a new club, the objective of which is; "to promote the appreciation and restoration of antique motor vehicles, rods, classics and other motor vehicles of special interest."
At the June 21, 1984, meeting Bill Farrell was elected Chairman, Armand Blais Vice Chairman, Winston Rollins Program Chairman and Conrad Sanville Treasurer/Secretary.  Upon adoption of the By-laws, a Governing Board was established consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board of Directors for a total of nine individuals.  Of the 47 recorded charter memberships, many are still active in the club today.
Cars Of Yesteryear's 2017  Club Officers

President:  Steven Carpenter
Vice-President:  Phillip Quijano
Secretary:  Charles Belanger
Treasurer:  Gary LeBaron
Directors:   Mary Ellen Uran
                  James Johnson
                  Christopher Roy
                  Michelle Quijano
                  Marc Bigelow
MEETINGS: The Club meets during the months of April, June, August, September and October.  Additional meetings may be held under special circumstances.  The annual election of officers is held at the October meeting.
CONTACT US: Please direct all correspondence to:
Lloyd Harvey, 1680 Nelson Hill Road, Derby, VT 05829
Telephone: 802-766-2173
e-mail: carsofyesteryear@gmail.com